Twit Script out of Control

So as part of the fixing the Twitter ate my Blog! problem, I rewrote the script that handles this task to reliable deal with a weeks worth of data.  The problem being, Twitter only gives you the last 20 posts in the RSS feed.  Thus if you twit more that that amount in a week (which is very easy to do), the bulk of them would be missing.  This was a concern from the start, but when I was handling them daily I felt it was unlikely that I would post more than that on a daily basis.  Anyhow, I rewrote it such that it now stores all of the posts for the week until they are posted to the blog.  A simple enough solution.  So the first week it ran well except some of the entries were not in chronological order.  Thus I had to modify it to keep better track of the date and time so I could maintain the order.  Again, a simple fix.  But in sorting this list of data I failed to keep track of the original array key.  Thus the sorting process made a huge mess by posting multiple, multiple copies of each entry.  I believe I've now fixed that and everything should work fine when it runs early on Monday morning.  We shall see.  :)
July 11, 2007 @ 12:26 pm | Category:
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