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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween (2006)

Happy Halloween (2006)
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Lighting The Dark

Lighting The Dark

The bright and beaming sunlight shoots towards the ground
Burning through the dark and looming clouds
A single shaft of light, spreads its wealth all around
It reflects from below up to my eyes
It blinds my illusion show

All the creatures that live in my mind
Run to hide from the light
They live in total darkness, sonar controlled flight

A jolt of light does and erotic imbalance to the life.

Fall 1982
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On A Trip In Time

On A Trip In Time

No one understands me
No one accepts my ways
No one to stand beside me
No one to come with when I leave today

I'm taking off on a trip in time
Forget the fine life, it's passed me by
Not going far, just into my mind
Alone again on a trip in time

Trip in time, living in my mind
Don't eat or sleep when you travel in time
The forth dimension is where I lie
Where I live and where I thrive
I control my live, all alone
No one owns me, I'm uncontrolled and on my own
No one owns me, I'm uncontrolled
No one owns me, I'm on my own

Don't try to break me, I will not fold
Leave me alone
I'm independent and will not be told
Don't even try, I'll just speed on by
'Cause I live alone, I'm self-controlled
Able to fly right by in time, in time, in time…

Du kannst nicht mich stoppen
Vous ne pouvez pas m'arrêter
No puedes pararme

Fall 1982
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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Spaten Premium Lager

Spaten Premium Lager
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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Stocks Page & Validation Block

I've removed the Stocks page from the site.  It served a purpose at one time, but I haven't been using it and don't think anyone else was either.  If you were, sorry.  Anybody that wants the code the drives it is more than welcome to it, just contact me.

And you also likely notice that back in September I added the small validation block just below the navigation menu.  I'm big on standards —after all, it's my job!  Thus I've long wanted to include these, but was having problems with deciding how I wanted to include them.  For me the small buttons are ideal and the color scheme fits well.  You'll find that nearly all of the pages are XHTML1.1 Strict compliant.  Those that aren't are either older pages or 3rd-party software written by others.  Yeah, I know…who cares?  :)
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lies & Rhymes & Dirty Needs

Lies & Rhymes & Dirty Needs

Life drags from day to day
Taking in pains along the way
The things put up with are beyond belief
Just tryin' to survive out in the streets

The women you meet
Just playin' games
You lose on the street
'Cause they're gonna trample your face
'Cause they gotta defeat ya and get on with their game
Their nothin' but trouble
Out to get ya tonight
It's just lies and rhymes and dirty needs
Still surviving that dark street scene.
They'll bury you in an ocean of rocks and steal your dreams

But they still don't know the inner scene
Roam the streets for blood and fun
Try to join the team
You're wearing black
They're into white —you get attacked!

Face it
You're living a dream that's in-between
Not too dark, but not in light
'Cause out on the streets
It's just lies and rhymes and dirty needs

Fall 1982
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Thought it was just another day
Thought you would push me away
Now I don't know what to say
See my mind it's on the floor
You got me spinning like revolving doors
In commotion, emotions are torn

I've got a lot to things to do
I'll put the aside just to talk to you —some more

I don't know what to say
Got this feeling inside my brain
I have to tell you
It drives me insane
Girl you're something
You blow me away

Maybe someday it will all be okay
Maybe someday it will all fade away
There must be some way…
A way that explains
Tell me something, do you feel the same?

What do I say about this feeling of disarray?
I'm just revolving away…

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