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Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Sign from the Noodly Saviour

Fear not, he's left us a sign.

Not an original find, but worthy of propagating from digg.
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Monday, November 26, 2007

Rock Art American Red Ale

Rock Art American Red Ale
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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Frisbee Wheels

So I went on a recon Christmas shopping trek today, had some extra time and stopped in at Handlebars Cycle Company.  As anyone that spends much time around me knows, I've been pining for a new bike for quite a while.  So while discussing options in my price range with the guy at the shop, I walked past a cyclo-cross bike.  This wasn't a new bike, but well maintained.  We started talking about it, in particular the carbon fiber wheels.  Apparently they were custom made and there are only two sets in the world -both for this bike.  The shop guy walked around the corner and them came back with the spare front wheel and handed it to me.  Literally it weighed virtually nothing for a fully built wheel.  I just looked at him and said it felt like a Frisbee.  You could easily sail this this through the air a good distance because it was very rigid and lightweight.  Pretty much in the one-of-a-kind realm.  I know these aren't the most expensive wheels one could buy, but well out of my price range at $2000 a pair.  That's about 2/3rds of what I would like to be spending on a new bike.  A dream that appears as though it will continue to remain unfulfilled.
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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Aspirin, Liquor and LSD

Well, it's taken nearly 11 months since I mentioned it when I got my CanoScan 8600F scanner, but here it is.  Hugh Downs advocating the medical exploration of LSD in the January 1967 issue of Science Digest.  It's not the prettiest thing, but then again this is a scan of a photocopy that I've been toting around since 1989.  Enjoy…

Science Digest, The Hugh Downs Column - Aspirin, Liquor and LSD January 1967 page 1 (Page 1 full-sized image)
Science Digest, The Hugh Downs Column - Aspirin, Liquor and LSD January 1967 page 2 (Page 2 full-sized image)
Science Digest, The Hugh Downs Column - Aspirin, Liquor and LSD January 1967 page 3 (Page 3 full-sized image)
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Friday, November 23, 2007

PolarBlog V1.10.2

PolarBlog V1.10.2 has been released.  This is a bug fix and performance improvement release.

Enhancements Bug Fixes
  • Entries in deleted topics causing the entry index page to fatal.
  • Search results not being properly sorted, partially due to V1.9.1 change to prevent memory overload.
  • New and updated entries that are post dated shouldn't ping Ping-O-Matic (if enabled).
Configuration Changes
  • None
New Language Tags
  • None
See the PolarBlog Changes file for more information.  Please see the PolarBlog Upgrading documentation for information on upgrading your installation.
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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

(Just as good as last years.)
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

PolarBlog Update Coming

I've been quite busy as usual the past few months, but with the weather declining that generally means good things for my website and software development.  Anyhow, a few weeks back I discovered that the last PolarBlog release broke the "Entry Index" page.  And I've been struggling to understand why the search function became so horribly wrong most of the time.  Well, I finally got tired of dealing with it -because I search my own blog often, and tracked down the problem last night.  It seems some dummy broke it as part of his efforts to fix a poor architectural decision at the very beginning.  Thus it actually broke back in V1.9.1.  And I've been doing some cleanup work so it now runs without complaint under E_STRICT.

So hopefully I will find time over the long weekend to get an update packaged up and released.  :)
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3G’s by Harlan Mack

3G's by Harlan Mack: Gorilla
3G's by Harlan Mack: Gazelle
3G's by Harlan Mack: Giraffe

The complete title of this art work is "3G's Steel and Marble Sculpture by Harlan Mack, part of the Exposed Collection" as displayed in Stowe, VT.
November 21, 2007 @ 12:52 pm | Category:
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