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Friday, December 19, 2003

The Jesus Tree

Well, that's what I call it!  I found this image today while researching profanity filters for a webmail system at work.  I can't remember exactly what the page was about that I found this on or even how it related to what I was searching for at the time.  But it's being used as an avatar by someone who calls themselves Fjori on a site called That Forum.

Now surely some will be offended by such an image.  Me, well…I actually laughed when I saw it.  Is that disrespectful?  Sure is.  Is it blasphemous?  I'd say so.  But what you really have to ask yourself is "Is there not some truth here?"  I mean, at least here in the United States one has to admit that Christmas has become largely an orgy of commercialism.  Sure it's still about family and friends, but it's also a whole lot about "What'd ya get?"  For how many people is it all about the man on the cross?  Think about it…
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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Otto Graham :: December 6, 1921 - December 17, 2003

I was sad to hear the news today that Cleveland Brown’s great Otto Graham had died yesterday.

Graham played well before my time in 1946-1955, but I remember distinctly writing a book report on a book about his career when I was in about 4th or 5th grade. I don’t remember much about that report, but I do remember I pick the book for two reasons. I was a big football fan, as I still am and flipping through the book I learned he was born in Waukegan, Illinois (December. 6, 1921 to be exact). And I remember thinking that was pretty neat because that was the small city near where I grew up, Gurnee, Illinois.

In that book I learned Otto was one of the greatest to every play the game. A man I knew little about until that time, I learned that somebody from a nowhere place like my backyard could achieve greatness.
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THRAK Homepage

A new and improved XHTML compliant THRAK homepage has been added to the site. The previous ugly version was under the SFFL site. But being that THRAK is the only active team to maintain a web presence, I felt it was time to bring it "into the fold".
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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

What to do during a long Finnish winter?

Why overclock your PC! And anyone who knows anything about overclocking, knows that CPU and GPU overheating is your biggest enemy. Thus you need a cooling solution. And here’s one that’s certainly bigger and better than anything I’ve ever seen.

At the very least, make sure you checkout the picture on page 5 to see this thing fully assembled. Apparently the author thought it was worth it: "Overall this was one great project. It required a lot work and took couple weeks to get everything up and running but I feel that it was worth it."
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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

PolarLava Gallery

I’ve added a photo gallery to the site. Probably of little interest to anyone other than me at this point! I’ve had a number of photos that I’ve been saving to put online for sometime now, but hadn’t been happy with anything I came up with. Originally I had started to roll my own mostly to get the wedding photos up for the family. It worked, but not a good long-term solution. I then tried to a number of different web photo albums before finding Gallery, one that was quick, easy and suitable for my needs.
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A Year of Blogging

December 14th marked the one year anniversary for the PolarLava Blog.  Yeah, rah.  And what was that first post about?  The completion of entering my backlog of cycling data.  This was followed closely by the acquisition of a Christmas Tree.  An event that past uneventfully over a week ago (12/7) for this season.  Although I must say, this year's tree is bigger and better.
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