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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Engineering Manager - Portal

So once again my career at Synacor has evolved.  As of September 15th I'm now the "Engineering Manager - Portal".

So what does this mean?  In short, I'm now primarily a PHB.  I'm no longer directly involved in system architecture, although I do still have some responsibility for it.  The three direct reports that I had previously (2 - Architecture & Infrastructure, 1 - Code Review Engineer) still report to me and their jobs remain largely the same, although they are available at my discretion for other development.  And that's the other part of this; I now have four engineers reporting to me to do portal development.  Thus I now spend most of my day running to meeting and chasing down answers and making sure stuff in getting done as our priorities change fast and often.

Also, I currently have open requisitions for two additional engineers which I desperately need to fill.  So if you're a top notch programmer with some PHP experience, want to do mostly PHP (with some Perl) and don't mind living in Buffalo, please contact me!  We are a rapidly evolving, highly successful pre-IPO (we have filed) tech company with a wide number of other positions available as well.
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