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Monday, May 23, 2005

CAUTION: Jesus passing on the right!

I'm not sure exactly when it came to pass, but it definately happened.  I used to be a fairly conservative right leaning individual, but even so I was never really a very religious person.  But (mostly) over the past decade I find myself becoming more and more distressed over what can be described as nothing less than the highjacking of the Republican party by the ultra-conservative bible thumpers.  I've watched as these people have preached the evil of just about everything because of their raw and strict interpretation of the bible.  That it's the be all and end all.  It's not people, deal with it.  And maybe there is a God.  And maybe I will be cast into the depths of Hell at the end of my time, but it's got to be better than spending eternity with these people.  Because if they really are right, then I'm very happy to be wrong!  Pass the hot sauce!  ;)
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Friday, May 20, 2005

Cat Food

Someone at work today was trying to give away a couple of cats on our IRC channel and remarked that if they couldn't give them away, they might have to eat them.  My response was to post a link to Cats - Friend or Food?.  I found this article rather interesting because it point out a couple of things that are very true.  The first being the stereotype of "all Asians eat cats (and dogs)" which certainly couldn't be further from the truth.  And secondly that western bias is definately at play here.  As the article points out, how would the average American feel if Indian Hindu's started ranting and raving at Americans for eating cows?  Do you thing this country is about to abandon the burger joint because it offends another culture?  Hell no.  A sad, but more likely response would be  "Fuck those [enter derogatory term of your choice]".  It's okay for us to tell others what they should do, but how dare they be offended by what we do?  GASP!  The typical American is so simpleminded.

Although I'm not a meat eater, be it cows or cats, I do have to agree that if you are going kill an animal for food it should be done as humanely as possible.
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Friday, May 13, 2005

Starpoint (Let Us Take You Tonight)

Starpoint (Let Us Take You Tonight)

We're taking off tonight
Catching sound and lights
Take you to, a point of view
A chance you can't deny

Flowing, floating
Feel the charge of life
Steaming, dreaming
Starpoint's on the stage tonight

Let's all feel the way we do
And let it go to flight

We're starpoint
Taking the stage
Music's a game
Let us take you tonight

Our music's assaulting
Our lyrics are so bright
Won't you come with us
We'll take you tonight
We're taking to the Skies

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

MyClient (Hydra) Coming Soon

Well, its been exactly three months to the day that I outlined what would be in MyClient (Hydra).  At this point I'm through writing code and all of the features outlined in the previous post have been implemented.  This will be release as MyClient V3.0 hopefully in the next week or so.  I now must do some extensive rewriting of the documentation as this release is a complete rewrite and will require all users to create a new configuration file.  So while I'm slogging away on documentation, you can go view the new screenshots.
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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Flame

The Flame

I've heard the loud sounds
Sometimes they frown down
On the things I say

I am the flame
Do it my way
Or stay off of my day

Killing people with just the heat
I'm one person I know you'll never beat
I have the power, I will defeat
Anyone who tries to play

I am the flame
Feel my heat
Will you surrender
Or go down in defeat

Water pressure, concrete feet
You can't contain me
I burn beyond 30,000 degrees

I look kind of mean
Create a scene
Now you frown at everything
I am the flame, feel my heat
Don't think you'll ever extinguish me

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Well, I'm very sad to see that TRASHLOG is shutting down.  This has been a mainstay in my life since shortly after it went online.  It was the one blog I could always count on to have something new everyday.  Oh well, I imagine that after this long it kind of became a chore.
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Well today marks a milestone in my life…when I leave work and drive home today, my car —a bright red 1998 Honda Civic EX coupe, will roll over 100,000 miles.  So what you say?  Well, it's significant for me because this is the first time I've ever had a car long enough to actually get to this point.  The closest I've previously been was Nissan Pulsar EX (1986/87?) that I kept to I believe 77k.  Other than that I did have a purple 1993 Honda Civic EX that was in my possession until about 68k.  At that point it became my ex-wife's property.  The last I knew my former in-laws were still driving it and it had 130k on it.  I loved that car and was sad to see it go.  I've always been very please with Honda product, thus why I bought another one this time around.  I've also had a couple of Acura Integra's on lease a decade ago that were absolutely wonderful.

Anyhow, this trivial event is someting new for me. Whoop-T-Do!  Even being a 100k this car is still very solid and reliable.  It's got to go at least another 50k which shouldn't be an issue as I've very good about maintaining my cars.  Ideally it would be kind of cool to see if I can get to 200k with it, but time will tell.  At the rate it would mean driving it until 2012.  We shall see.
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Monday, May 02, 2005

Changes With Time

Meet Diego Golberg and his family.  I found this to be incredibly interesting.  To think this guy has photographed himself and his family every June 17 since 1976 is amazing.  That's nearly thirty years of his families life in series of snapshots.  Very cool.
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