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Monday, August 30, 2004

Athens 2004’s stupid linking policy

It seems that the brain trust at the Athens 2004 Olympics have opted for a stupid linking policy like some others.  Seems you need their permission and can only use the words "ATHENS 2004" as the link text.  So you see, something like saying they have a stupid linking policy would appear to violate their rules.  Good thing it's their rules and not mine!  My rule is to point out such stupidity and remind people that linking from one place to another, using whatever text you choose is what the web is all about!  Guess now that the games are over it really doesn't matter, now does it?

I guess this is appropriate behaviour as it fits in well with the IOC and their position on olympic bloggers.  Aren't the olympics supposed to be a happy, open sort of event?  Guess not.
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Dude, Sorry about your head!

Okay, this probably shouldn't be under this topic, and I'm pretty certain that Daniel Brohm doesn't find it too funny.  But if you can't laugh at other people's tragedies, what good are they?  Bet you'd be surprised to learn that alcohol and drugs were involved!  Read the local scoop here.  This is one hangover that John Kemper Hutcherson is going to be living with for years.

Well, it seems that John must have been a pretty good friend to Dan.  Well, at least up to that point where he decapitated his friend, but I digress.  Hey, that kind of adds a whole new meaning to "Friends for life".  It seems that Dan's family pleaded on his behalf to have him released.  Thus he is now out on a $50,000 bond.

I guess the judge decided that just because it was your best friend you decapitated, it doesn't mean you're off the hook.  Our friend John is off to prison for 5 years.

I've also decided that although initially this fit in "That's Funny!", I'm now moving it to "Darwin's Work" which I believe is also accurate.
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Berry Pickin’

A fun filled Sunday afternoon as Mary Lou and I took the girls berry picking at Brown's Berry Patch in Waterport, NY.  Complete with a Sunday drive as this is a fair distance from our house.  I picked nearly 3 quarts of raspberries while Mary Lou picked more than 3 quarts of blueberries.  Olivia picked better than a half a quart of blueberries, and Claire…well Claire picked about a quart of mud!  For a day that was supposed to be rainy and lousy, it really turned out to be a nice day.  Shockingly enough, this pasty whiteboy even got a bit of a sunburn.  I also got a few scratches picking the raspberries, but it was well worth it.  For the most part I was reaching in and picking 4-6 berries at a time as the bushes were loaded.  After finishing up berry picking and giving a Claire a hobo bath in the bathroom sink, we all had ice cream before heading home for the day.  Suffice to say that unlike the girls, mom and dad didn't get to nap in the car and were plenty exhausted by bedtime.
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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Search Engine Belt Buckle

From a purely technical standpoint, this is really cool.  But they crossed the "Way Too Much Time" line when they opted to make it into a belt buckle.  Dorks.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

PolarBlog V1.02 Released

This is another very minor release with more work on the documentation, a bug fix for a —potential as nobody reported it— problem in the MySQL database class and one new configuration directives:

PAGE_TITLE - Allows you change the page title default of "PolarBlog" to whatever you would like.  You could have always edited the index page, but this will now make it so you don't have to edit it everytime you upgrade.

This likely will be the last update for a while as I'm now starting on the entry comments system.  Which was one of the major features that I wanted that was missing in PWL.
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Government Censorship

Think the US government doesn't have years of practice in censoring the media?  Did you know that Japan "bombed" the mainland United States during World War II?  No, well neither did I until I read this article on Slate.  On one hand I can see why they wouldn't want this reported at the time, but what else have they withheld?  And why after 60 years is pretty much obscure knowledge?  Just something to ponder as go through your day.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

RG #4

Klaus Nomi
UFO - Obsession
The Police - Reggatta de Blanc
  Read more…
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I’m an MVP!

So this past week at work I was voted as the new company MVP.  This "honor" is voted on by all of the employees from anonymous nominations, also from my fellow employees.  And what is it?  It's for an "Outstanding individual contribution to the success of the company".  Personally I call it "doing your job".  But in any case, I will take the extra day off that goes with it along with the crown, belt and scepter…although I could do without this tremendous piece of image editing by my boss plastered on our intranet:

Kevin's an MVP!
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