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Friday, September 19, 2003

Europa’s Polar Lava

Ok, so the infamous polar lava picture in the upper left of this page comes from Jupiter’s moon, Io. It’s not alone though, as more evidence has been found that Europa also may have a very active and flowing underbelly. Europa was originally discovered in 1610. So, being that it took centuries to come up with any clues as to what its composition might be, I guess it’s acceptable that it took nearly a year for me to stumble upon this article!
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That’s a whole lotta guinea pig!

Just think if this thing had survived! Kids all across the globe would surely want one. That would have to be one big aquarium/guinea pig tank that’s for sure! Then again, maybe these things would be better suited to a pen in the backyard or possibly a corral. Either way there would be a lot of cedar shavings to be shoveled and disposed of. Some how I see Mom & Dad taking care of it after just a few short weeks. And to think those kids had promised to take care of it!
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