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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

CycleLog completely up to date!

All data for 1995 has been entered. 6.56 miles indoors and 1126.44 miles outdoors for a yearly total of 1133.00 miles. That completes the entry of all of the old data that I have recorded. There are thousands of miles that will remain unacounted for from my childhood (1964-1985) and my first attempt at being a somewhat serious cyclist (1986-1988). The time from 1989-1994 I rode very little if at all. This was during the time which I relocated from Illinois to New York and was traveling extensively for my new job. 1995 marks the beginning of when I began to ride again and start to take my riding seriously. So, being I have no data from before then, I consider 1995 the beginning of my CycleLog "lifetime".
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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

It’s not a sport!

I’ve often railed against people who consider their weekly golf or bowling outing a "sport". I have absolutely no love of “the pointless pursuit of the little white ball”, and although I haven’t done so in several years, I have gone bowling in the past. And I will also admit I have enjoyed the occasional trip to the local PuttPuttTM with my family. But, at no point have I ever considered these more than what they are: recreational activities. But these are not sports people! Why? Because as I have alway said, “if you can drink beer while you’re doing it, it’s not a sport”. And thankfully I’ve found I’m not alone as Patrick O’Grady shares a similar thought:

"Any stunt fat people can perform while drunk is not a sport."

It’s just that simple. And I’m quite relieved to see someone else actually standup and say it! This insightful fact and more musings can be found in Patrick’s full article over at VeloNews.

This is not to say that golf and or bowling can’t be a sport. The PGA and PBA have shown that these can be elevated to the level of sport. And one can make a career out of it, just ask Earl Anthony. And Tiger Woods has clearly illustrated that one can live quite well doing so!

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CycleLog Update

All data for 1996 has been entered. 630.71 miles indoors and 1675.22 miles outdoors for a yearly total of 2305.94. On to the final stretch…1995
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Thursday, May 01, 2003

Open source software in government

Here’s a rational look at the benefits of using open source software. In this case it is in regard to New York state, specifically New York City. But the argument should easily apply to other governments and even private businesses. Why pay for what you can get for free?
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