Cycling Ride

Monday April 23, 2007   (Outdoors)
Bike: Trek 2120 (1995)
Time Distance Avg
01:58:21 35.92 mi 18.21 mph 23.00 mph
Note: Sweeney/Old Falls/Tonawanda Creek/Townline/Killian/Bear Ridge to end and back to Robinson/East Canal/Donner to end and back/East Canal/Fisk/Sheetram/Dunnigan/East Canal/Tonawanda Creek S/Campbell/Tonawanda Creek N/Old Falls/Sweeney.  A very nice morning that if it were anything less would have surely found me staying in bed this morning.  This caps off four days in a row with a rest day scheduled for tomorrow.
Heart Data
Below (153) In Zone Above (170) Total Time
01:05:04 00:51:54 00:02:01 01:58:59
Personal Data
Weight Body Fat Sleep Time Sleep Quality
99.9 lbs. 8.1% 6.00 hrs Poor
(Fair)  Weather Data Niagara Falls International Airport, NY  [KIAG]  (6:00 am)   [WID: 41448]
Temperature Wind Chill Wind Conditions
53°F (12°C) 51°F (11°C) S 6.9 mph Fair
Dew Point Humidity Visibility Barometer
36°F (2°C) 52% 10.00 miles 29.96" (1014.6 mb)
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