Cycling Ride

Wednesday May 19, 2004   (Outdoors)
Bike: Trek 2120 (1995)
Time Distance Avg
01:20:30 24.67 mi 18.39 mph 2.16 mph
Note: Townline/Killian/Bear Ridge/Feigle/East Canal/Tonawanda Creek.  Cool morning but nice.  Sort of a flat ride, not real motivated and a bit tired.
Heart Data
Below (153) In Zone Above (170) Total Time
00:22:07 00:57:55 00:01:20 01:21:22
Personal Data
Weight Body Fat Sleep Time Sleep Quality
99.9 lbs. 8.4%    
(Fair)  Weather Data North Tonawanda, NY  (6:00 am)   [WID: 17327]
Temperature Wind Chill Wind Conditions
49°F (9°C) 47°F (8°C) N 6.0 mph Fair
Dew Point Humidity Visibility Barometer
49°F (9°C) 100% 7.00 miles 30.16
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