2008 Cycling Goals

So now that we are into 2009 it's time to look back on how we fared in 2008.  There won't be any set goals for this year as I know my riding will be down.  I have lots of work around the house that I've been neglecting and my position change at work has also put a lot more demands on my time.  So let's review…

I've been thinking the past few weeks about what I want to accomplish on the bike in 2008.  These are the goals I've set:
  • Ride 4000 miles. That might have happened in 2007, but vacation, back issues and sickness detrailed that in the early fall. - SUCCESS, 4,001.67 miles.  Required a concerted effort in December as I got lazy in November.
  • Ride 10% more miles each month than in 2007.  I probably won't make this goal every month, but if I can do that overall it will put me close to that 4000 mile goal. - PARTIAL, I haven't figure it out exactly, but most months I did do this, but I know there were a couple that I didn't.  But overall I had more than a 10% increase over 2007.
  • Ride 3 century rides.  I did one last year for the first time in 9 years.  The last time I did three was in 1996. - SUCCESS, yes, yes, and yes.  And those last two were on consecutive weekends.
  • Set a new personnel distance record.  This means topping my 153.90 mile ride in August of 1996. - FAIL, This was a pipe dream and never be topped.  But mentally my goal is to someday ride a double century (200 miles).
  • Have an overall average speed outdoors of 18.50mph.  That an small increase over last year's 18.22mph, but still shy of 2004's 18.70mph. - FAIL, I actually slowed down to 18.00, but I did ride faster indoors so my overall average was up about 0.4 mph.
Considering that last year was 400+ miles more than my longest year (1997) and a major jump over the previous past several years.  I believe some if not all of these goals to be fairly lofty.  So if life doesn't conspire against me and I show the same dedication this year as I did last it should be possible to meet these goals.  I guess we shall see.  It's January 3rd and I've yet to start, so I best be getting going now.

You can get a quick overview of my past efforts from my Cycling Yearly Summary page.

SUMMARY: So although I didn't meet all of the goals I consider 2008 a success and I'm quite happy with my achievements.  2009 likely will see less miles, but if I follow though on riding my bike to work, it might go up, but at a slower speed.  We shall see.
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