PolarLava CycleLog V2.6.0 & V2.7.0

It’s been quite a while since I recorded the most recent changes to my CycleLog. I hadn’t documented it previously, but what I would now call v2.6.0 updated the ride display page. When I bought the Quattro last year I needed to update this page to record the litany of new data points it provided over some of my other computers. While working on this I also integrated Google Maps of my recorded route. This is something I started a couple 2-3 years ago being I could record them on my phone using Google’s nifty My Tracks Android application. Once recorded I could easily create an external link to the map, but I’ve finally embedded them into my CycleLog data. I now just pull the map embed code to include with my logged ride data. Presto, maps right on the ride page!

For v2.7.0 I’ve updated the Cycling Yearly Summary page. The quick and simple change was another that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. That being, reverse the order from first to newest year (1995-2013) to now be newest to oldest year (2013-1995). The accumulated “Lifetime” section still appears at the end as it always did. The other more significant task was adding a “Rides Table” that lists all rides for that year in tabular form. And being this can be pretty long, it’s initially collapsed, but can be toggled open for viewing. Each entry date links to the actual ride if one wants to drill into any particular ride being this table only contains the basic ride data. In any case, it provides yet another way of looking at the large amount of data that I’ve accumulated over the years.
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