Project Yokota - Update 4

This is the final pre-build Project Yokota update as I’ve now accumulated the final batch of parts for its build. We start with three small parts, the first of these being 4 feet of Black Lined Brake Cable Housing: Black Lined Brake Cable Housing The brake/shifter set I bought came with a cable set, but the rear brake housing was too short, thus this purchase.

Similarly, the shifter cable housing for the rear derailleur loop was too short so I bought 2 feet of Black Shifter Cable Housing: Black Shifter Cable Housing This cable was actually used from the shifter to the downtube boss. The one that came with the shifter had an inline adjuster that I didn’t need because I have adjusters on the boss. So I removed the two pieces of housing and the inline adjuster and replaced it with this housing. I then took the longer of the two removed housings and used it for the rear derailleur loop.

The rear shift cable was too short so I replaced it with a new Jagwire Shifter Cable: Jagwire Shifter Cable

The Most Ocelot saddle I bought a while back can now be installed as I purchased an MCS 26.8mm Seat Post: MCS 26.8mm Seat Post

Once the cabling is installed, the handlebars will be covered with SRAM Super Cork Handlebar Tape: SRAM Super Cork Handlebar Tape

Shifting between the chainrings will be done with a SRAM Rival Front Derailleur: SRAM Rival Front Derailleur

Holding the front derailleur will be a Derailleur Adapter Clamp: Derailleur Adapter Clamp

Needing to carry water, I’ve acquired two Carbon Bottle Cages: Carbon Bottle Cage These actually are the cages I’ve been using on the behind the seat bottle holder on my Pinarello Quattro. Unfortunately they don’t hold securely enough so I’m replacing them with a set of Profile Design Nylon Kage Water Bottle Cages. I’m using the cost of those, $17 here instead of the roughly $23 the carbon cages originally cost me.

My Sigma ROX 9.1 bike computer supports two bike usage, so I bought a Sigma ROX Computer Interface to use here: Sigma ROX Computer Interface This was actually a tremendous deal as I got a great price on it. Not only did I get the second bike kit, I got a complete first bike kit minus the computer. This should allow me to hopefully setup my indoor trainer as well and use this there in the winter.

I love having aerobars on my bikes, but only if I can have Profile Design Flip-up Brackets: Profile Design Flip-up Brackets I won’t actually be purchasing these until next month. Suffice to say the household accountant is less than thrilled with my expenditures of late. :) I can live without them for right now, but having them gives you the top of your handlebars back that the stationary brackets hang over and make them unusable.

And the final item to complete this build, a set of Look Keo2 Max Pedals: Look Keo2 Max Pedals I won’t actually be purchasing these until next month. Suffice to say the household accountant is less than thrilled with my expenditures of late. :) Until I can purchase them I have a set of Look Keo petals that I can take off my Trek 2120 for the time being. The cost here should be $75-$100 which I’m using here and will put the actual cost in my final post, the completed build.

And the finishing touch to complete this build, Vinyl Lettering to replace the logo work which can’t readily be replaced. No picture for this one because it wouldn’t really look right anyway.

So the final estimated total cost of this project:
  • Yakota Legend Frame - $113
  • Sandblasting and Powdercoating - $150
  • FSA Orbit X Theadless Headset - $40
  • Most Ocelot Saddle - $30
  • Look HSC Carbon Fork - $139
  • Marin 1-1/8” Handlebar Stem - $21
  • 1” to 1-1/8” Stem Adapter - $7
  • 1-1/8” Carbon Fiber Stem Cap - $7
  • SRAM Rival Brake/Shift Levers - $203
  • SRAM Rival Crankset - $185 (The cost of the Force Crankset as this wouldn’t have been much cheaper.)
  • DT Swiss R1850 Wheelset (w/Continental Gatorskin tires) - $300 (Estimate of what these would cost had I bought them.)
  • SRAM Force Rear Derailleur - $69
  • SRAM Rival Brakeset - $85
  • Carbon Headtube spacers - $12
  • FSA Wing Compact Handlebars - $38
  • SRAM PG1070 Cassette - $44
  • SRAM GXP Bottom Bracket - $8
  • KMC x10 Chain - $22
  • Profile Design Carbon Stryke Aerobars -$81
  • Shimano Downtube Cable Bosses - $15
  • 4 feet of Black Lined Brake Cable Housing - $5
  • 2 feet of Black Shifter Cable Housing - $6
  • Jagwire Shifter Cable -$5
  • MSC Seat Post - $32
  • SRAM Supercork Handlebar Tape - $12
  • SRAM Rival Front Derailleur - $23
  • Derailleur Clamp - $17
  • Carbon Bottle Cages - $17
  • Look Keo2 Pedals - $100
  • Profile Design Forged Flipup Bracket Kit - $28
  • Sigma Computer Interface - $25
  • Custom Vinyl Lettering - $27
  • Current Cost: $1881
This update was a bit of a spending frenzy except as noted in order to get everything to complete it. The build build is well under way and it’s looking almost like a complete bike. I expect that I can be road ready within the next week…YAY! After that there’s the last couple of things I need to acquire to finish it out as I would like. So it’s nearly time to ride, so close, but not quite.

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