50,000 Miles

With today’s 40.47 mile ride, I’ve pushed over the 50,000 mile mark since I started keeping a cycling log in 1995.

It was in April of 2007 when I hit 25,000 Miles. At that time I didn’t really consider how long it would take to do another 25k. It took me 12+ seasons to reach that mark, but less than 10 to do the next 25k. I guess that’s pretty good. If I can keep that trajectory up I should be at 75k in about another 7-1/2 year roughly, so early 2024? I’m guessing it will be at least another decade though because I doubt I’ll be increasing my yearly average mileage significantly in that timeframe…so let’s call it 2026! See you then!
October 19, 2016 @ 04:38 pm | Category:
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