Cycling Ride

Thursday November 24, 2011   (Outdoors)
Bike: Trek 2120 (1995)
Time Distance Avg
01:46:25 29.18 mi 16.45 mph 36.50 mph
Vertical Climbing
67 rpm 108 rpm 308 ft  
Nutrition: 24oz. of water, 20oz. of Accelerade.
Note: Zimmerman/Erie/Walck/Old Falls/Tonawanda Creek N/Townline/Diller/Saunders Settlement/Shawnee/Lower Mountain/Baer/Mapleton/Townline/Tonawanda Creek N/Old Falls/Sweeney/Robinson.  [Map]

Happy Thanksgiving!  The nice weather continues, and so does my riding...sort of.  Didn't sleep well last night, feeling tired and lethargic today too.  Add a good stiff wind to really really make this disappointing and it would almost be complete.  Not quite.  Tweaking my lower back before I started was the real joy.  Felt fine during the ride actually, it was later on in the day that it really started being problematic.  To the point of wrecking the majority of the rest of the long weekend.  Getting better (Sunday night), and hopefully able to start working out again tomorrow.  Missed a couple more really nice day which is disappointing.  Looking like more realistic weather for this time of year is coming in the next copule of days.  Take what I can get at this point though.
Heart Data
Below (153) In Zone Above (170) Total Time
00:04:48 01:41:09 00:04:35 01:50:32
Average Maximum
163 bpm 184 bpm
Personal Data
Weight Body Fat Sleep Time Sleep Quality
159.4 lbs. 99.9% 9.50 hrs Poor
Weather Data Niagara Falls International Airport, NY  [KIAG]  (2:00 pm)   [WID: 81417]
Temperature Wind Chill Wind Conditions
47°F (8°C) 40°F (4°C) SW 20.7 mph (Gusts to 26 mph) Partly Cloudy with Haze and Breezy
Dew Point Humidity Visibility Barometer
39°F (4°C) 77% 6.00 miles 1021.9 mb
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