Project Yokota - Update 2

I’m now 5 months in with Project Yokota and have acquired a number of additional parts towards its build. First up would be the “good as new” Look HSC Carbon Fiber Fork: Look HSC Carbon Fiber Fork

Next up would be a Marin 1-1/8” 90mm Handlebar Stem: Marin 1-1/8

Being the headtube, headset and fork are all 1", I need a 1" to 1-1/8" Stem Adapter for the above stem: 1 in. to 1-1/8 in. Stem Adapter

Also to deal with this same issue, instead of the 1” stem cap that came with the headset I bought, I need this new 1-1/8” Carbon Fiber Stem Cap: 1-1/8 in. Carbon Fiber Stem Cap

Digging deep into my pocket I bought the most expensive thing I’ve had to purchase yet, a set of SRAM Rival Brake/Shift Levers: SRAM Rival Brake/Shift Levers

And digging almost as deep I bought a SRAM Force Carbon Fiber Crankset. But that’s for my Pinarello Quattro, but the purpose was to take the SRAM Rival Crankset for this project: SRAM Rival Crankset

Similarly I bought a SRAM S60 wheelset for the Quattro so I could repurpose the DT Swiss R1850 Wheelset for this project as well: DT Swiss R1850 Wheelset

So at this point the cost of this project has been:
  • Yakota Legend Frame - $113
  • Sandblasting and Powdercoating - $150
  • FSA Orbit X Theadless Headset - $40
  • Most Ocelot Saddle - $30
  • Look HSC Carbon Fork - $139
  • Marin 1-1/8” Handlebar Stem - $21
  • 1” to 1-1/8” Stem Adapter - $7
  • 1-1/8” Carbon Fiber Stem Cap - $7
  • SRAM Rival Brake/Shift Levers - $203
  • SRAM Rival Crankset - $185 (The cost of the Force Crankset as this wouldn’t have been much cheaper.)
  • DT Swiss R1850 Wheelset (w/Continental Gatorskin tires) - $300 (Estimate of what these would cost had I bought them.)
  • Current Cost: $1210
This round I got a number of the most expensive parts purchased which really pushed up the cost of this build. That being done I now have a litany of smaller cost items and only a couple of roughly $100 items to go. At this time these items are all sitting around waiting for some other critical components so the actual build can start. Hopefully within another month or so I’ll have acquired enough of them to get started with that.

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