Project Yokota - Update 1

So here’s where I am after 4 months with Project Yokota. I had to buy a Park Tool BBT-22 ($22) to remove the bottom bracket that came with the frame. Being a tool this is something I can reuse, so I am not considering it a cost of this build. Removing the handlebar stem, the front fork and the headset was relatively easy and didn’t require any new tools. Once I was down to just the frame I took it to be sandblasted and then powder coated…bright yellow: Yokota Legend, Yellow Powder Coat

I had the fork done as well being it was only about $10 even though I don’t plan on using it.

Next up I bought a new headset. I’m switching from the old style threaded headset to an FSA Orbit X Threadless Headset: Yokota Legend FSA Orbit X Threadless Headset

And most recently I got a steal of a deal -less than half the price I’ve ever seen it for, on a Most Ocelot Saddle: Yokota Legend, Most Ocelot Saddle

So at this point the cost of this project has been:
  • Yakota Legend Frame - $113
  • Sandblasting and Powdercoating - $150
  • FSA Orbit X Theadless Headset - $40
  • Most Ocelot Saddle - $30
  • Current Cost: $348
Not too bad as the expensive parts are yet to come with the fork, wheels and drivetrain. That’s when the cost will really start go up, so let’s keep that between us and not tell my wife. :)

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