I Got Bibs!

With yet another cycling season in full swing, my Cycling topic gets another workout…

As mentioned just the other day, I got New Wheels! for my bike this past week (although still waiting on the parts so I can use them).  One of the things I was missing was rim tape which my lovely wife was going to (and did) pickup for me yesterday.  This being because she was going there to pickup "something" for Father's Day.  I gave her strict orders that it better be nothing more than socks or a hat after the cash I laid out last week on the wheels.

Apparently she and the girls found what they were looking for —as well as my rim tape.  And when I arrived home she was a giddy with concern because she bought me something and didn't want to wait until Sunday to give them to me.  Thus I was quite shocked to find that she had bought me a pair of Nike - Lance Armstrong 10//2 Bib Shorts!  I was quite stunned —and very pleased.  I have a number of pairs of shorts, but only a couple I find really comfortable for longer rides.  Thus I'm looking forward to wearing these as they seem as though they will be quite comfortable.  And everything I've ever read and heard is that once you start wearing bibs, you won't want to wear short anymore.
June 16, 2006 @ 12:53 pm | Category:
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