New Wheels!

Pretty much since I bought my Trek 2120 in 1996, the back wheel had a small "hump" in it.  Nothing too serious, but something that has always annoyed me.  Apparently not enough to do anything about it though.  Near the end of last season while truing this back wheel I notice a couple of small crack beginning to form around one of the spokes holes.  This is a sure sign that rim failure is a near certainty in your future.  I was concerned, but simply couldn't afford to replace my wheels at that time.  Nor was I at the beginning of this season so I've continued to ride on it and hope for the best.  Fortunately the wheel hasn't completely failed yet, and it might not; although I do expect that cracked spoke hole to "pop" eventually if I keep riding on it.  But in the past couple of weeks the integrity of the wheel has become suspect as keeping it true has become a constant battle.  To the point that I've had to true it twice in the past week.  I believe I may be close to living on borrowed time.

So with some financial reluctance, a bit of research, a big sale at Bike Nashbar and 17111.14 miles on my 2120, I ordered new wheels this past Saturday.  And suprisingly when I arrived home yesterday I was treated to the sight of a box filled with a pair of Cane Creek Stratos wheels!  These should prove to be a major upgrade over my current wheels by a long shot.  They are certainly lighter than my current wheels —although I don't know what the old ones weigh, their moderate aero profile, and their design (spoke nipples at the hubs instead of the rims) should make them spin up faster.  And hopefully they will stand up to the pitiful roads that I often ride on.

Unfortunately some of the other smaller items I ordered —most notably the new tubes with longer valve stems I need, did not arrive yesterday.  Plus I forgot to order rim tape.  Fortunately I should be able to pick that up locally for a couple of bucks.  I also don't have the time to set them up right now and will probably do that some time during next weekend.  In any case, I'm looking forward to the upgrade.  :)
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