Ho Ho Ho!

Well it’s Christmas Eve day. And at this point it’s white Christmas at work and a mostly green one at home. Although they are calling for general 1-3 inch snowfall this evening and several more tomorrow. I consider this a good thing. Besides, when you live in Buffalo, anything less than a foot is just "some snow"   

Today brought to end to the eighth SFFL season. The mighty THRAK had an improved season including a brief playoff appearance. But I still finished 6-8 with a four game slide to lose out. I still quest to repeat my feat of 2000 when we won it all. It’s always fun, but when you are also the league commissioner it’s good when it’s over.

Back on the home front Olivia is beginning to grasp the whole Christmas concept. We end our day by saying goodnight to the tree and kissing the angel ornaments. We also must not forget to say goodnight to "HO HO" as she calls the man in the big red suit! Tomorrow will surely be interesting and one has to wonder what next year will be when Claire is toddling around also. And so I now look forward to relaxing with my family for the holiday. It’s off to pickup Colin and then home to get ready for church and dinner with the neighbors.
December 24, 2002 @ 12:45 pm | Category:
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