Christmas Fallout

Well Christmas came and went and the kids all seemed to have a wonderful time. I think Olivia now "gets it" and surely will be wound like an eight day clock come next year. Claire’s still too young to do much other than enjoy the twinkling lights! And even Colin seemed to be pretty relaxed and okay with everything this year. He even admitted that he was pretty spoiled this year as he got a lot of toys and only a few clothes. And Mary Lou seems to be enjoying the nice warm slippers and socks that Santa left for her.   

And Me? I certainly can’t complain as my parents were kind enough to buy me a new cycling trainer as I’ve pretty well worn out my old one. Mary Lou should be pleased as this one is a fluid trainer and should be much quieter than the old wind trainer. A major consideration when someone is using it the attic above your bedroom at 5am nearly every day. Now I need to layout my goals for 2003 and start working out again as I’ve been idle since Claire’s arrival in September. Time to get off my fat butt and back onto the bike. Good weather will return before you know it and I don’t want to miss the boat.

Mary Lou and the kids bought me a number of very nice fleecy tops and bottoms. So now Dad can be warm, comfortable, and even presentable. Another big highlight is my new Curious George Library. This is 12 book set of new Curious George adventures. That curious little monkey was certainly a childhood favorite and still holds my attention today. ;) I’ve been busy, but I was able to read Curious George Goes to the Beach and Curious George Goes Camping on Christmas evening before going to bed. I look forward to more adventures with the little monkey. Olivia also received the original Curious George from a friend of Mary Lou and I. Dad very much enjoyed reading it to her before bedtime the day after Christmas. The way certain titles seem to stay in everyday rotation, this one will be a reprieve from some of the books that I find tedious. Now if I can just convince Olivia that it’s worthy of being in the everyday rotation pile…
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