Dusting off the Blog

So it’s been nearly a year since I’ve actually published anything here. Pretty sad considering I used to do so regularly at one time. There was even real content before I got lazy and started mostly publishing Beer, Wine and the occasional PhotoBlog pics. And those will likely return once I automate them somewhat. I’ve got a HUGE backlog, particularly beers that need to be posted. And automating it is the only way I’m every going to come close to clearing them out. Perhaps I’ll even find time to write something pithy, you never know.   So what’s been the issue? Well, I spend a lot of time in the past year or more setting up Chyrp to power the blog now. That really didn’t take a lot of time, but building a migration utility to move away from my own PolarBlog software certainly did. I’ve done this because I realized about two years ago that I simply didn’t have the time to maintain it anymore. And it this point it made more sense to move to something that more people use. At one time I had a fair number of users, but eventually they drifted away. There’s simply no way I could keep up with updates to it the way projects with lots of contributors could. I’m OK with it as I learned a lot along the way. But it’s time to move on and I’m happy to have it retired finally. Actually it’s been migrated for about 6 months now, but I hadn’t done anything with it. And for those wondering “Why not WordPress?” Well, it used to have a horrible security record, but I also wanted something a bit different that would fit into my outdated website’s look.

Today I intended to look at automating entries so I could start to clear the picture backlog. But before I could do that I needed to switch my TwitterFeed from RSS to the Atom feed the Chyrp uses. Unfortunately there were a couple of bug that needed to be fix to get it to work. I fixed it, but one of them took me way longer to fix that it would have a couple years ago. I just don’t do this enough these days. I’m working a lot and really don’t have any programming time anymore so “use it or lose it”, right? *poof*

So now that the old entries are migrated, the feed is working again, perhaps this entry will be the start of actually using this thing again. From time to time I have some decent ideas for blog topics, but never get too them. Easy to skip it when it won’t publish anyway. But here we are today with something lame, but something. Plus I need to test the Twitter Feed to see if it’s really working or not now. It should be it would seem, but I’ll have to wait and see.
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