The Dog Next Door

So I’m yacking with Dave at work the other day and somehow we were discussing who knows what -possibly the evil looking dog in the window of Paws in the Pantry, a pet grooming place when the thought of "The Dog Next Door" pops into my head. Not the foremetioned evil dog -another story, another time- but the textbook I had in Mrs. Ellis’ second grade class at Woodland Elementary School in Gages Lake, IL. A school which has grown to huge proportions and doesn’t resemble the school I went to, but I digress…  

Anyhow, for some reason I’ve carried an affinity of this textbook with me for some 30 years now. I was compelled to search the internet for it and actually found a few items. Someone bought a copy for $2 in an auction. Damn, missed my opportunity. Then I found I could get a copy for $4 from here but I wasn’t compelled although I would like a copy for some strange reason. Searching further I found this picture:

The picture struck a chord, but as I recall it had a pink cover not blue. Guess this will have to due for now. I vow someday I will own a copy of this and it will make my being whole!

I’ve also learned some other trivial facts. Such as, this book was copyrighted in 1969 which would be about right for my school days in the early 70’s. I also found some listed as "1973" I know now that Public School 95 in Brooklyn, NY has 33 surplus copies. Those lucky dogs! (Pun intended.) I also found an 1979 copy for $12 so it lives on. I guess my positive impression of this textbook were warranted as it withstood the test of time for at least a decade. That or it may have been evil mind control that has since been uncovered and I’m now doomed! And here’s the best description I could find:
Clymer, Theodore and Martin, Patricia Miles, THE DOG NEXT DOOR AND OTHER STORIES, Ginn 1969 - pictorial hardcover - 288 pp

Fond memories fill my small brain…
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