Isn’t that always the case?

My wife and I bought a bird book —A Field Guide to the Birds of Eastern and Central North America a couple of years ago.  My girls also liked to look at it and occasionally would wander off with it.  Thus when it disappeared last Fall I presumed they had "put it somewhere" which had turned into "never to be found".  One plausible explanation was that it wound up mixed with the recycling and went out with that months ago.  We've talked of replacing it to which Mary Lou always replies "You know as soon as we buy one, we'll find the old one."

Knowing she's missed having it, particularly in the Winter, I decided to buy her (OK, us) a new one for Mother's Day.  Being slow to get around to ordering it, and being unwilling to spend $10 to have it shipped before last weekend —which she agrees with for the record, it came yesterday.

Being the creative guy I am, I not only bought the replacement book, but I also bought The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America.  So now we have two very good bird books.

I got a delivery notice from TrackThis so I called to see if she had gotten the mail.  She had, but didn't see the box which was on the front porch.  After retrieving and opening it she was very happy and added "You know, now we'll find the old one you know."  Yeah, yeah, whatever.

My phone rings an hour later.  It's my wife.  She's laughing hysterically.  She finally calms down enough to tell me —you guessed it, she found the original book!  It was in a magazine bin not more than 2 feet from where the book was previously located.  My response was simply "Good, now you've got two."  She's OK with that as she said we can just put the old one in the car.

And just to rub some more salt into the wound for me, while looking for the book links above I find there is also a newer Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Eastern and Central North America, Sixth Edition available.  I just can't win.
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