Cycling Ride

Friday September 09, 2011   (Outdoors)
Bike: Trek 2120 (1995)
Time Distance Avg
03:00:14 54.61 mi 18.18 mph 38.40 mph
Vertical Climbing
71 rpm 109 rpm 445 ft  
Nutrition: 34oz. of water, 24oz. of Accelerade, 1 - Clif Bar.
Note: Zimmerman/Erie/Walck/Old Falls/Tonawanda Creek N/Townline/Beach Ridge/Aiken/Meahl/Saunders Settlement/Subbera/Upper Mountain/Blackman/Thrall/Green/Ridge/Irish/Chestnut/North/Nelson/Maple to Lake and then Maple back to Chestnut and then backtracking to Beach Ridge/Meyer/Bear Ridge/Killian/Townline/Tonawanda Creek N/Old Falls/Sweeney/Robinson.  [Map]

Well, warmer today, but a lot of large patches of dense fog.  The good news was that on the way back it started to clear up.  The bad news is that it cleared up from the rain!  Really not that bad actually.  Didn't get completely soaked and by when I got closer to home it was dry and hadn't even rained there.

A little disappointed that my speed wasn't a bit higher, but that's always the case, right?
Heart Data
Below (153) In Zone Above (170) Total Time
00:56:16 02:08:54 00:00:46 03:05:56
Average Maximum
155 bpm 172 bpm
Personal Data
Weight Body Fat Sleep Time Sleep Quality
162.8 lbs. 11.4% 5.50 hrs Poor
(Fog/Mist)  Weather Data Niagara Falls International Airport, NY  [KIAG]  (7:00 am)   [WID: 79588]
Temperature Wind Chill Wind Conditions
63°F (17°C) 63°F (17°C) NE 5.8 mph Fog/Mist
Dew Point Humidity Visibility Barometer
62°F (17°C) 97% 3.00 miles 1014.1 mb
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