Down, Out & Back

In a case of unfortunate timing with little control over the situation, last week I started riding again after a 3 week layoff.  This was most unfortunate as I was really starting to feel I was hitting my stride.  I was moving from the drudgery of getting in shape, to the fun of enjoying riding.  So where did it all go wrong?

Things were great, but then I got up early that Monday morning to take care of our dog and noticed my upper respiratory system felt searing.  This is a clear sign that you shouldn't ride as it's only going to aggravate the situation and make it worse.  Thus I didn't ride, but things quickly went from bad to worse.  I went to work that morning and promptly left after my first meeting of the day.  I was out that day and worked from home the next.  On Wednesday I was feeling better and went to work.  Apparently things weren't in full recovery, because by late afternoon I was back home in bed.  I stayed in this largely dysfunctional state until Friday when I trudged off to the doctor.  Having a history of these sort of issues I had no desire to get pneumonia again.  I seemed to be on the mend, but they sent me for a chest X-ray that was clear.  Unfortunately I still had a lingering runny nose and chest congestion that continued into the next week.  They put me on a course of Z-pak Thursday and after two doses I broke out in hives and quit taking it.  I continued to feel better nonetheless and just ended up resting for the third week and taking the usual array of meds that I have from my allergist.

I actually dealt with the situation rationally, but felt last week I could start working out again.  On Tuesday I was still wondering if it was going to really pass or whether I was going to backslide yet again.  (This is a common problem for me when I get sick.)  But fortunately things did get better.  Unfortunately, I sort of in a mini getting restarted mode.  I'm remaining positive about it and other that an occasional lingering cough I'm generally over it.  The biggest issue at the moment is during one of my coughing fits during the second week I popped something in my sternum.  This only hurts when I take really deep breaths, cough and/or sneeze…particularly sneezing.  OUCH!  This is probably going to take some time, but I refuse to let it get the best of me.  Onward and upward.
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