Toodledo: Further adventures in GTD

So I've become a bit obsessed about my My Organizational System (GTD) which was exacerbated by Joining the iPhone Cult and then complicated by Killing Sandy.  That was a bit difficult initially, but I've adapted after taking Rob's suggestion to give Toodledo a try.

It's been a while now and I can pretty clearly say that at this point I'm definitely hooked.  It doesn't have the SMS support that Sandy had, but I don't need that now because they have an iPhone app.  This makes it really easy to manage anytime anywhere.  At my desk at work or home I can use the web interface, and on the go I can use it from my phone.  They also offer a number of widgets that allow you to access it.  Being a Netvibes junkie, I have that widget, but honestly don't use it much as I pretty much have the Toodledo site open in a tab all of the time.  It also has a Twitter interface, but again, I don't really use that either.  That would probably be useful if you have a non-smart phone though as it would somewhat replicate some of Sandy's SMS functionality.

And as time has gone by I've started to use more of Toodledo's features.  Most recently I started to use the Notebook feature.  Which is useful, but even more useful if you get Appigo Notebook which can synchronize with the Toodledo Notebooks!  This returns the note functionality I previously had in my Palm days.

I also have been syncing my todo's to my gCal, but I'm not really using that much these days.  I really like gCal, but my phone is tied to our Exchange server at work.  Unfortunately these days I need to use that but would like to explore syncing it to gCal as well.  The notification/accept/decline functionality works well, but beyond that it's pretty weak.  You can't schedule meetings with other, only for yourself.  And then you can't even flag those as private if you want too.  Very annoying.  Plus I miss the ability to have multiple alerts for an event.

There's a lot of additional functionality in Toodledo, particularly for hardcore GTD's that I don't currently use.  Maybe someday, we'll see.  But even as I'm using it now its become an incredibly useful tool for me on a daily basis.
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