Arts and Crafts Chandelier

So about a month ago my wife went to The Antique Lamp Company looking for an arts and crafts style light —sorry, my humble abode and me make it hard to call it a chandelier, for our dining room remodeling project.  And although they didn't have anything readily available, they do restoration work on old lights.  So they did have two units that she found interesting so hauled me down there a few days later to check them out.

So we went, I saw and we both liked one better than the other.  It's fairly basic and was originally configured with two electric and two gas lights.  It's also in fairly rough shape at this point, but bear in mind that I trust my wife's visionary abilities 100%.  And being that all nice things arts and craft get snapped up —at a hefty price, we opted to put a $20 deposit on it.  He was going to start working on it, but it's going to take a while to rehab, which is fine because we're far from ready for it.  So once he's done with it, my wife will then select the glass to use with it.  And the best part is that if we decide we don't like it we get our deposit away and move on because he says he'll sell it in a matter of days anyway.  Cool.  So now you need put on your visionary glasses and see the following with a shiny brass finish and (probably) light rose colored, (probably) square glass…

Arts and Crafts Chandelier (before)
Did I mention that it needs a LOT of very expensive rehab?  ;)
February 14, 2009 @ 10:54 pm | Category:
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