Canon SX10 IS

Since August when my Canon S1 IS died, I've been camera-less and sad.  But FINALLY, my wife relented her fiscal restraints and yesterday allowed me to shell for a new Canon PowerShot SX10 IS.

There aren't a lot of reviews to be found yet, but there is some information both here and here. And for those to lazy or disinterested to follow the above links, here it is:

Canon PowerShot SX10 IS front view

And the backside…

Canon PowerShot SX10 IS back view

Basically this is the 5th generation of the S1, S-series camera I previously had.  The S1 was followed by the S2, S3, S5 and now the SX10 and SX1; (An even nicer and likely pricier version (CMOS sensor) that is only available in Europe.)  This is a pretty major jump in features/abilities as the S1 was a 10x/3MP camera and the SX10 is a 20x/10MP camera.  But there's a lot more with a bigger sensor and other electronics upgrade.  In short this a serious upgrade over the older S1 I had.

I would like to have jumped to a true DSLR, but this is a better choice for me.  A DSLR initially wouldn't have cost significantly more, but to get the range this has I'd have to shell for a lens or two.  And then there would be something else and on and on.  I just can't afford that and this is still something my wife can simply, easily and readily use…not that she couldn't wield a DSLR.  So mostly it's cost compromise as I'd also still like to get a new bike and we really, really need a new computer.  Regardless, I'm an extremely happy camper this morning as I eagerly await it's arrival from Newegg (complete with a free 8GB memory card)!
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