Rehab: Centurion Ironman Expert

So back in early August I acquired a Centurion Ironman Expert and began rehabilitating it.  It was in very good condition other than having been unused and stored for a number of years.  So a good cleanup, a full lube job (which really didn't need to be done) and replacement of some of the dry rotted rubber and plastic bits and it's been good to go for a while now.  Items replaced and/or added:
  • 2 - Vredestein Rocorso 700x25 folding tires (dry rot replacement)
  • 2- Standard rubber presta value inner tubes (dry rot)
  • Nashbar 6/7 speed chain (clean and stretch free)
  • 2 sets - Shimano brake pads (dry rot, pilfered from another bike, not new)
  • 1 - Blackburn Mountain silver water bottle cage.  (Only had one, I wanted two and this was a cheap alternative.)
  • Nashbar racing saddle (Narrower and harder, to replace the softer one that was on here.)
  • Profile Design Bar Wrap Handlebar Tape (Hot pink because the yellow didn't match!)
  • Profile Design Aerobars (old set I wasn't using)
  • Time petals (pilfered from my LeTour)
  • Sigma Sport BC-800 bike computer (older, pilfered from my LeTour)
So that's $50 for the bike, about $70 for parts which makes the total about $120.  Throw is a good amount of elbow grease doing something I like too do and you've got a hell of a good bargain.  And now it's ready to roll…most likely primarily on my fluid trainer although I did take it out for a road ride first.  So here it is now in this suboptimal photo:

1987 Centurion Ironman Expert Dave Scott
November 15, 2008 @ 03:17 pm | Category:
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