MyClient V3.2.0 (Bluefin trevally) Released

MyClient V3.2.0 (Bluefin trevally) has been released.  This is release only requires file updates, there are no configuration changes to be made.

  • Updated to operate with E_STRICT error_reporting.
  • Added support to display serialized and session data.  When enabled, data that is stored in a session format (e.g. using a DB backed session handler) or data that is serialized will be displayed in a more readable unserialized fashion.  Using this option will automatically enables the "Render HTML" option so this option displays properly.
Bug Fixes
  • None
Configuration Changes
  • None
New Language Tags
See the MyClient History file for more information.  Please see the MyClient Upgrading documentation for information on upgrading your installation.
January 20, 2008 @ 12:12 pm | Category:
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