Categorize Module

As part of my migration from PolarBlog to Chyrp, I need to carry over the various Topics that subdivide things.  The best choice in Chyrp to do that is the Categorize module.  Unfortunately it hadn't been updated to work with 2.0 and is no longer supported by the original developer.  I was planning on getting involved in the Chyrp community once I got setup and migrated.  I needed the Categorize module now so working through updating it I sort of had to get involved now.

You can now download the Categorize 2.1.0 module updated to work with Chyrp 2.0.  :)

There will likely be more contributions in the future to this project as well as a project page here once I get around to it.
December 6, 2009 @ 09:46 am | Category:
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