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I was reading something earlier today about software development and it linked to this article on The Next Big Thing in software development.  This is a couple of years old, but it's still very relevant today.  Having worked for both big and small software organizations, I can tell you that regardless of size, all of them are capable of churning out some pretty shitty work.  As this article points out, "What other industry ships the kind of crap to their customers that we so regularly do?".  Welcome to the truth ladies and gentlemen.

I know this firsthand from my projects.  There are times when I wonder if I'm nothing more than a one-man open source wrecking machine!  ;)  But I've seen the silly mistakes I've made happen to much larger groups than my group of one.  Groups that have dozens of developers , QA people and even user (customer) acceptance testing!  It's pretty astounding that regardless, sloppy things slip through.

The only real answer —as the article states, it simply that people need to write better software.  It's not about putting in hours, but about taking care in what you do.  It's about accepting criticism without being offended and using that feedback loop to make a better product.

It's what I try do with my projects in hopes that I won't make the same mistakes.  It's a mindset that I try to instill in the people I work with so we get better at what we do.  So take care and have pride in what you're doing.  Don't churn out stuff that you wouldn't personally want your name on.  But when you do produce a dud, take the heat and learn from it.  Be professional, be a software craftsman.
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