Die Salt Lake City CDPA!

Well, if it's not a joke it should be.  Apparently out in socially progressive Salt Lake City, UT there's a group that calls itself the "Citizens for Decent Public Attire" (CDPA) that wants to ban bicycle short.  And from this article it appears there is legislation pending to do just that.  Spare me.  Maybe if these slugs actually got on a bike and rode further than to the coroner coffee shop they might actually see the point in bike shorts.  The're a functional requirement if you're going to ride more than a couple of casual miles folks.  And if you find them offensive, look the other way.  They're not terribly revealing and if anything look pretty goofy when you're not on a bike.  Thus the ones who should be concerned would be those who need to ride more and spend less time eating doughnuts.

SO CDPA, why don't you refocus your outrage on truly indecent revealing clothing if you're really that concerned.  You people really need to get a life.  Hey, maybe you need a vacation…come on out to New York.  You do know it's legal for women to go topless here, right?  *gasp*

Oh, and if you're concern about the way they ride, changing their short isn't going to make them more responsible riders.  I would think that should be obvious, but clearly you're not the sharpest pencil in the box.
June 27, 2007 @ 12:09 pm | Category:
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