PolarLava Project Roadmap

Being that I haven't been getting any serious development work done on any of my main projects lately, I thought I'd try to do a rundown of what the future holds for each of them…

Part of me would like to expand the CycleLog to support multiple riders and package it for release.  Of all my projects this one is probably the most unique and might be of use to someone else as there are few alternatives available.  But alas I already have too many projects going on to keep up with thus I've resisted the temptation.  Besides, it meets my needs and I keep adding feature each year that interest me.  Maybe someday.  For now I'll have to be happy with the updates done in January.  The next additions likely will be a bike maintenance log and ideally some ride results graphing.  Again, someday.

A bug fix release for MyClient was issued in January.  The plan is still to eventually add support for simultaneous connections to PostgreSQL databases along with MySQL.  Not sure when this will happen, but that's the plan.  It's likely that this won't be until I find the time and inclination to do something useful on PostgreSQL.  I believe largely it's really just a matter converting one of my current MySQL DB classes to use the PostgreSQL equivalent functions.

PolarBlog is at a relatively stable state since implementing and releasing Akismet support to augment the comment and trackback RBL system.  There's a few minor things I'd like to do, but largely this project is waiting for Yaper 3.x so I can rework it using that templating engine.

After wallowing around for a good long time, I finally got this documented, packaged up and released in March.  Baring a change or addition to the NWS XML feed, this project likely will not be updated anytime soon.  It's stable and it works, what more does it need?

The V3.0 rewrite is underway, but progress has been slowed by a number of both internal and external factors.  I began building the project site and documenting its usage, but in the process I stumbled into a hide() function bug.  I last left off trying to fix that problem, but it remains unresolved and I have not had a chance to pursue it further.

As —or lately more of an "if", the weather improves I will be spending more time outdoors and hopefully logging lots of miles on my bike.  In turn this means less time for other things, but if I get some issues under control I should still have time to plug along on my projects.  That the positive side of it.  The negative is that I've spent a lot of time in the past several years dedicated to maintaining multiple projects.  Frankly I'm a little burnt out right now and have spent what time I have working on little side project and trying to figure out exactly what to do with my online presence.  At some point I think I'd like to split PolarLava in half, leaving the development things here and moving the more personal things to Papendick.us.  Again this is just another thing to divert my attentions from my projects.  But the time will come when all of the things I would like to do will come to pass.  It's all just a matter of having the time to do it and deciding what's most important to me.  Because in the end, that's all that really matter, right?  :)
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