The Future of PolarBlog

So what does the future hold for PolarBlog?  I recently was reviewing the PolarBlog Users page and checking to see who was still actually using it.  As suspected, there were a couple that have gone off-line and several that have switch to some of the larger blogging softwares.  At the time I found it rather disheartening, but in hindsight, I guess it's the reality of the situation.  PolarBlog certainly isn't for everyone and primarily was done strictly for my own edification.  I only released it publically because I knew the PWL was a dead project and this was a path forward for those who were also running it.

As for those changing to the big blog software, many left some kind comments on their blogs as they moved away from PolarBlog.  Examples would be this, this and this (down at the moment).  The simple fact of the matter is PolarBlog is a one man operation with the occasional input from others.  There is no possible way I can ever compete with the large blogging projects —some of which are built by professional software companies.  They have far greater resources than I can ever muster and will always have a much larger feature set.  My developement cycles are a lot longer and slower, but I'm trying very hard to meet the needs of both myself and those that are still using PolarBlog.  One thing I am proud of it that I have never had any reports of security issues with any of my projects.  There have been bugs, there are bugs and there will always be bugs.  It's the nature of the beast.  But to my knowledge there have been NO critical vulnerabilities in my software.

So what does the future hold?  Well…I'm still working from the PolarBlog: The Road Ahead document.  As previously noted, progress is slow these days.  I'm about 90% complete with the RBL comment integration —a feature that I don't believe any other blogging package offers, and I'm hopeful to finish that up over the next couple of months.  I'm doing what I can when I can.  I'd like to do more, but I simply can't.  I have a real job, I have a family, I have other projects, and I also have other interests.  I can only do so much.  So if there is some feature you really seek in PolarBlog, you need to either tell me or consider moving on.  I'm not quiting, but occasionally I get "when are you going too…" emails from users.  I generally try to address these requests, but my ability to respond has diminished in the past year.  Sorry.  And to those who have stuck around and intend to stick around, thank you for your support and kind words.
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