PolarLava CycleLog V2.2.1

After much annoyance over it, I've take the hour or so required to add the bike description to the default ride information display.  So a quick jaunt over to the latest ride page should illustrate the point.  Eventually there will be a bike page and then a bike maintenance record.  But those aren't likely to happen anytime soon.

Also while adding this feature I found and fixed a bug in the search page.  If you enter a complete "Start Date" (month/day/year) and there is only one ride for that day (as is the case for most days), it should take you directly to that ride.  But there was a bug in the search page logic which would then result in an unbounded search.  This would result in the multiple results found page with all rides in the database listed as matches.  Oops!  This was due to the date being assigned (single equals) instead of evaluated (double equals) in a conditional check.  But it's all better now.  Really…you can try it here.

And this morning's ride exposed another problem…when you enter zero hours for your sleep time, it wouldn't show because heck, who would ride after being up all night?  Me apparently!  This is now fixed as you can see.  :)
May 31, 2006 @ 12:30 am | Category:
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