Project & Work Status Report

Wondering how things are going on your favorite PolarLava project?  Yeah, me too.

MyClient is on hiatus at this time.  I know of no issues with it at this time so I don't have a need to do anything with it at this time.  The next thing on deck for this project will likely be the addition of PostgreSQL support.  That will require me to clone my current MySQL DB class.  At the time I do that I will likely evaluate the situation and extract things out further because there will be some parts that they both share.  Thus at that point there will be a base class and two inherited DB specific classes.  This will need to be done as the first step towards PolarBlog supporting PostgreSQL.  I'd like to think this will create some "buzz" as I don't know of any DB tools that support multiple simultaneous connections to different types of databases.

PolarBlog is in slow mode.  I've written about 95% of the RBL class.  I need to complete the keyword blocking and then integrate it.  That's going to take a reasonable amount of work to complete before the next release is ready.  I've got some odds and ends to clean up also which always take longer than expected.  I've been seeing an increase in spam on this blog and personally I'm really looking forward to getting this working here.

The newest project here, Yapter is in ultra-slow mode.  Again I know of no problems with it at this time.  I have gone through and did some code cleanup, but it has not been commited.  I'd also like to changed the error reporting to something more manageable, but that's not a burning issue.

The major downside to my project work is that in the past several weeks my job has eaten my life.  We continue to go through what we've termed "catastrophic success".  In short things are going so well it's hard to keep up!  This is really good news, but at the moment my department is woefully understaffed.  As such this has led to a lot of long hours of late.  The situation is currently being addressed and my role will be evolving as I will be taking on the management of additional staff.  I absolutely love my job, but I look forward to things settling down a bit.  I have lots of things I want or need to do that are currently on hold until things stabilize.

So as you've probably already figured out, this means I want work on my projects, but at this time I have very, very little time to do so.  I wish I had more time, but having a good stable job is something that I'm very happy to have once again.  Thus at this time I can't put any sort of timelines on when you will see anything new released from any of my projects.  Sorry.
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