Project Bug Tracking

I've removed the bug tracking system from the site.  I wasn't getting that many reports, my project development has ground pretty much to a halt and the software was way outdated and prevented a security risk.  Thus I've removed it and simply replaced it with a link to my Contact form which should suffice for my current needs.


I've (finally) installed and setup a bug tracking system for my projects.  If you believe you've found a bug in a project or simply would like to request an enhancement, please submit it here.

It's very quick and easy, so I encourage you to use it.  If this is something you see yourself using more than once or twice, I encourage you to contact me (kevinp ~AT~ and I'll setup an account for you.

At the moment you can't view bugs without logging into an account.  This is something I'm looking into fixing.  It may just be a configuration that I need to figure out or I may need to write a custom logged out viewing screen.  One thing at a time…

December 10, 2005 @ 08:24 am | Category:
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