PolarBlog V1.6.2 (Fungus Gnat) Released

PolarBlog V1.6.2 (Fungus Gnat) has been released.  This release fixes a serious comment deletion bug and another minor comment posting bug.

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Bug Fixes
  • Deleting a comment deletes all top level comments! This  was being cause by a bug in MySqlDb::stripArray() where nested arrays were not being handled properly.
  • The auto-linebreak option on comments does not work.  This has been corrected.
Configuration Changes
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See the PolarBlog Changes file for more information.  Please see the PolarBlog Upgrading documentation for information on upgrading your installation.

This release is named "Fungus Gnat" because this was an annoying pest of a bug!
October 10, 2005 @ 08:36 am | Category:
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