PolarLava CycleLog V2.2.0 (I’iwi)

Well, my intent after releasing MyClient 3.0.0 was to go back to work on PolarBlog.  And although it is my intent to get back to it, I've decided to do some additional enhancements on my CycleLog project first.  I haven't had any urgent requests for changes to PolarBlog other than my own desires, so this appears that it won't be having a tremendous impact on the PolarBlog user community.  (Feel free to comment otherwise.)  A rough guess at this point, with the summer arriving and my increased work commitments says that PolarBlog development will likely not resume before September.  So with that said and in no particular order, here's a brain dump of things I'd like to do to PolarLava CycleLog V2.2.0 (I'iwi).
  • Minor Name Change - Henceforth instead of just calling it "CycleLog", it will be known as "PolarLava CycleLog".  This is in anticipation that I may publically release this project, although it's unlikely to get packaged and documented during this upgrade cycle.  Even so, it's still available for the asking if you cycle and have the ability to hack PHP.
  • Search Improvements - I have an immediate need to add the ability to seach for rides within a specific mileage range.  I also intend to add the ability to do ad hoc searches of my ride notes.  It probably won't happen in this release, but I'd also like to be able to search based on a bounded temperature range similar to my mileage search requirement.  Doing this is a little more involved because of the underlying table structure.
  • Sleep Time - The addition of an "hours of sleep" field to the ride Personal Data section.
  • Yearly Summary Page - Similar to the home page "Year-To-Date" display, I'd like to create a page that displays this same information, but on a year by year basis.
  • Security Upgrades - Currently there a a few potential security issues I need to clean up.  Nothing catastrophic, just some concerns I have with the way certain things were coded previously.  Call it a learning process.
  • Bike Page - All of the ride data that is displayed is associated with different bikes.  I'd like to add a page to display information about each bike along with a picture.
  • Records Page - This new page will list some extremes: longest ride distance, longest/shortest ride by time, fastest average speed ride, maximum speed, extremes of weather, etc.  This one is sort of rolling around in my head so I don't know exactly what all will be contained in this page.
  • Summary Update - The existing summary data has pretty much what I want in it I believe, but I'd like to make some of the elements clickable to the rides they relate too.
  • Bike Maintenance - In addition to the Bike Page, I'd like to add a maintenance record component for each bike.  I would guess this has less than a 20% chance of being implemented in this release as it is a fairly significant undertaking.  Most likely to slide to V2.3.0
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes - As always there a handful of small bugs that I also need to fix!.
  • Calendar View - I forgot this one the other day…I'm looking into adding a weekly and monthly calendar view that will show basic ride info for the days that I've ridden as well as some sort of weekly and monthly totals.  This component would also the ability to view other weeks/months besides the current one.
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