MyClient (Hydra)

As mentioned in this entry, I've started work on a long overdue update to MyClient.  This is a complete rewrite from the ground up and will feature several significant changes.
  • Tabbed Interface - The current version allows for 3 query windows via links at the bottom of the page.  The new version will have a tabbed interface at the top and allow for a virtually unlimited number of query windows.  Whatever your system and brain can handle.  By default it will have 5 windows and a documentation tab.
  • Multiple DB Connections - Currently MyClient will only connect the 3 query windows to one database.  The new multi-headed version —thus the "Hydra" moniker, will allow for virtually unlimited multiple database connections as mentioned above.  There will be a default DB connection for all tabs and if you would like, you can specify a different connection on a per tab basis.  So by default you can have either the old single DB, multiple query window configuration, or you can a different DB connecton for each tab.  This a fundamental change to the way MyClient operates.
  • New Look - Hydra will have a new look similar to other projects in the PolarLava family.  This will be a CSS configurable layout.
  • Internationalization - Localized enabled to support your language.
  • XHTML Compliance - Hydra  will be XHTML 1.0 compliant.
  • CSS Compliance - Hydra  will be CSS2 compliant.
  • Register Globals - Hydra  will run with register_globals off.
  • Retained Features - The ability to save and load queries as well as the data dumping option will remain.  The way these operate may change, but the basic funtionality will remain.
This project is now in active development and updates on its progress will be posted as warranted.
February 12, 2005 @ 08:29 am | Category:
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