PolarBlog V1.2.2 Released

PolarBlog V1.2.2 has been released.  This release is does not contain any new features and is strictly a bug fix release.  The following issue have been addressed in this release:
  • When saving an existing entry if you used the back button to edit again, when you save the entry the second time you would get a duplicate entry error message.  The duplicate entry detection has been fixed to only operate on new entries and now allows the browser's back button to function without causing problems.  This is an acceptable action as an entry ID is defined when editing an existing entry.  The duplicate detection only needs to operate on new entries where there is no existing entry ID.
  • When editing entries, html entities that were defined were being stripped from the text that in the edit boxes.  This was mostly causing problem with "&" entities within links that display on the page.  This is only an issue if you take the time to replace "&" with the "&" entity so your pages will validate as XHTML 4.01 Strict.  I'm guessing I'm the only one that worries about these sorts of things! ;)
  • Fixed the RSS feed generator to cache the file according to the ttl value defined in the configuration.  Also, the generator now returns appropriate "Last-Modified" and "Expires" headers.  Now if more new aggregators would start respecting these values instead of blindly retrieving the file every time!  It certainly cuts down on the bandwidth that is used
  • Fixed the RSS feed generator to include full entries —both the body and more fields, instead of just the body field.
  • Comment Loop Bug - This was the biggie in this release.  The comment retrieval and display under certain conditions wouldd enter an infinite loop.  This problem was generally only seen by new users because of the nature of the problem.  It also existed for users that had upgraded, although most were likely to never have encountered it.  This problem existed because every comment has a parent ID associated with it.  If a comment was in reply to another comment that had the same comment ID as the entry, an infinite loop was being created.  To fix this problem, all comments associated with an entry are now tagged with a parent ID of 0 (zero).  This prevents the conflict from occurring without breaking the nested commenting system.  When upgrading, you MUST run the install/upgrade utility as a database fix must be made on the comment table.
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