PolarBlog V1.1 Beta

After nearly 9 months of work, I've finally got a working commenting system implemented for PolarBlog.  So as of right now, this blog is now running the new PolarBlog V1.1 as a Beta test.  Click "Comment (X)" to add a comment.  This should allow you to post a comment on any post that has comments enabled.  When you do this it sends an email to the blog owner (me in this case).  If someone replies to your comment, an email will be sent to you letting you know about it.  Comments should appear for entries when the "Permalink" is selected and are indented a few pixels from the entry.  Replies to comments or other replies will also be indented for each message.  Thus it displays as a nested/threaded comment structure.

There are also numerous bug fixes and some other minor enhancements that are in this release.  I don't expect any major bugs at this point, but I still need to rework the installer/updater script as well as update the documentation.  Thus it's probably still at least a couple of weeks off before this will be released publicly.
October 4, 2004 @ 12:56 pm | Category:
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