So forty years ago today I made my initial appearance in the world.  And since then I've seen some good and bad times, although I can't really say I've ever really experienced anything awful in my life.  Hopefully I will be just as fortunate in the future.  I guess this also makes me middle aged now, but I don't consider it to be the middle of my ages.  For me that will be at least 50 as my goal is to be a centenarian. Although it may turn out that I was wrong by as much as 60 years!  I'm trying to avoid that though, by taking care of myself and not doing too many obviously stupid and dangerous things…although today's bike ride might fit in that category!  For the most part I don't feel 40, and I agree with most people as they say that I don't look 40 and God knows, I certainly don't act it! So cheers to me and here's to another 60 years or so.

I had my "birthday party" (Mary Lou & the girls) on Sunday evening.  A very low-key event, but I did get a copy of The Matrix.  This is quite exciting as I've actually never seen this movie although I have wanted to for a long time!  Now if I can find 136 minutes when I won't fall asleep!

September 13, 2004 @ 12:35 pm | Category:
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