PolarBlog V1.01 Release

I've released PolarBlog V1.01.  This is a very minor release that augments the documentation and adds two new configuration directives:

USE_LOGIN_LINK - Allows you have the Administration menu displayed all the time in the control panel.  When you are not logged in, a "Login" link is the only thing in the menu.  Once logged in, the standard administration options are displayed minus this new Login link.

DOCTYPE - This allows you to choose between HTML Transitional, HTML Strict, XHTML Transitional and the default XHTML Strict DTD's.  For those who don't care to maintain an XHTML Strict site, you now have an option that relaxes the burden on you.  Of course mine (usually) remains that way, but I'm sure not all of you are as anal about these things as I am!
August 19, 2004 @ 12:31 pm | Category:
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