Going BOINC-ing

Well, having just past my 5th anniversary with SETI, I'm now moving on.  Not quiting, but moving to BOINC -Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing.  They have finally begun to move the SETI project over to BOINC as had been announced long ago.  So my SETI stats page will be converted to a static page containing my final stats as of today.  I will likely be unlinking it from the navigation menu at some point in the future and adding a new BOINC stats page.  All in good time…  According to my new BOINC stats, I had completed 4522 SETI packets at the time my account was migrated.  My current stats show that I've actually completed 4530.

One of the cool things about BOINC is that it's designed to do distributed computing not just for SETI, but for pretty much anything.  Thus if you decide to you can switch to another project or split your time between multiple projects.  If you are a current SETI user who would like to migrate to BOINC, or are new to all of this and are just looking to getting started with BOINC using SETI, the temporary home page is here.
June 24, 2004 @ 12:41 pm | Category:
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