5 Years of SETI-ing

The SETI project was made publically available on May 13, 1999.  Just over a month after it started I joined the project.  And, at about 3:22pm yesterday I reached my fifth anniversary of churning SETI packets and I continue to do so as I write this entry.  At this moment I've processed 4506 packets and have donated 6.456 years of computing time to find E.T.  Although I currently only do processing on my one machine, previously I had multiple Unix machines that I could also utilize.  Thus that is how I've donated almost an extra 1.5 years in a 5 year timespan.  We haven't found E.T. yet, but we're going to keep looking.  He's out there…somewhere…to be found sometime.
June 17, 2004 @ 12:40 pm | Category:
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