"To infinity and beyond!"

Okay, maybe not quite infinity, but back to the moon and on to mars. At least that’s what President Bush has proposed we do. And I have to say that I’m very much in favor of doing so. There’s a lot to be learned for sure, but there would also be a lot of good technological spin-off that would come from the development program. Things that would benefit all of us. This will be a huge undertaking even if it’s just to get back to the moon again. But the work required to get to Mars is nothing less than colossal. But an effort worth making.

And now for the sad economic reality. Even if the U.S. Congress were to find the extra $1 billion that President Bush is seeking, would they be willing to give it to NASA? I think the social "do gooders" would surely argue against it. Not that helping the less fortunate is a bad thing, but how much of that money would truely reach those in need? And then there simply would be demands for more without a doubt. And in all fairness, as there will be for the space program also. So my thought are to give it to the cause I find more appealing: space exploration. Maybe if we stopped marching around the world blowing apart and rebuilding countries we’d be able to help both causes. $87 billion for Iraq? How about $43.5 billion for social reforms and space exploration each? Likewise, we are surely spending billions of dollars on Homeland Defense and the War on Terror. Gee, you don’t think any of that money is being misappropriated or simply wasted on something that’s not going to do a damn bit of good, do you? Nah, me neither. Thus the bottom line is we are simply going in too many directions and spending too much money for this to likely become a reality. Pity.
January 16, 2004 @ 12:51 pm | Category:
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